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Tomex French Fries

We carry a wide assortment of frozen potato products primarily from Belgium and the Netherlands. These potato products can be shipped in different size variations and 2,5 and 1 kg packages. We offer our own brands, Tomex and Country Fries. Our extensive expertise within adapting packaging to the requirements and regulations of individual countries secure our clients import.


Tomex History

Tomex was founded in 1988 by Tom Andersen. In its infancy, Tomex was a one-man operation. The initial turnover figures were modest, and the business activity limited to the export of frozen meat. But already in 1989, the company changed character. One man became three, and the company relocated to Aalborg’s (city in Northern Jutland, Denmark) city centre.

Since then, the product range has developed to a full range of fresh and frozen foodstuff including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and vegetables for various segments including Industry, Horeca, and Retail.

Today, Tomex is housed in a 1600 sqm mansion in the old villa area of Hasseris – one of the city’s exclusive neighborhoods. The old telex was first replaced by a row of fax machines and now e-mails and the world wide web, the Tomex Group are linked and on-line and our turnover has exceeded 1 billion Dkk.

The company now numbers approx. 80 employees and boasts sales offices in Denmark, Argentine, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, USA, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Colombia, China and Vietnam. In little more than a decade, Tomex has gone from an anonymous North Jutland firm that followed in others’ footsteps into a leading role.

Through several years of business, we have constructed a world-wide network of reliable suppliers. And with non-stop hard work and by hiring highly qualified associates we have consistently augmented our competence, thus making us a name on the international scene.

Tomex establishes the essential connections on the global market for primary food products and makes it just as easy to do business globally as locally.


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