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Aquilaria Malaccensis also known as Gaharu or Agarwood, has been trusted by Chinese, Greek, Indian (Ayurvedic) and Tibetan physicians for centuries in treating an impressive range of ailments. Agarwood is an evergreen plant that can grow up to fourty metres high from the ground.

Research shows that the leaves of Aquilaria Malaccensis contain compounds with anti-ageing effects due to its content of Vitamin E and Decanoic acid, making the plant a commodity in the cosmetic industry.

In Southeast Asia, Agarwood Tea is believed to help lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It is also effective against digestive problems like flatulence and constipation.

There are many descriptions of Gaharu’s medical benefits in the classic Chinese, “Compendium of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu).” It is a pharmaceutical text written by Li Shizhen during the Ming Dynasty of China (first draft of text in 1578) and, “ Herbal Preparation (Bencao Beiyao) ” essay by Wang Ang (1694).

Agarwood Tea is made solely from the leaves of Aquilaria Malaccensis, giving it a slightly bitter, delicate flavour.


100% natural and organic

from the plantation to our processing
and production facilities.

from borneo’s rainforest

Balung Plantation sits on 3,000 acres of volcanic soil on the East Coast of Sabah. It is a sub-division of Kebun Rimau Sdn Bhd
and has been a family run plantation since 1979

The plantation is spearheading a range of activities, which includes the development of eco-tourism
in South East Asia; sustainable commercial tree planting and the cultivation of organically grown crops.




Contact person :

Address : North Wing,4th Floor,Wisma Sabah,P.O.Box 11577,88000 KK

Contact No. : 012-790 3333 / 016-846 2003

Facebook : Balung Tea



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