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SwissMed SupaLife Complex Probiotic (500mg x 30 x 3)

A blend of: Probiotic (18 strains) + Prebiotic (FOS) = Symbiotic

15 Billion CFU/g or 15 Billion CFU capsule of 500mg

What are Prebiotic, Probiotic and Symbiotic?

Prebiotic (before life) – a substance (usually an oligosaccharide) that cannot be digested but does promote the growth of beneficial bacteria or probiotics.

Probiotic (for life) – a substance that contains microorganisms or bacteria that are beneficial to the host organism.

Symbiotic (plus life) – a mechanism provided by both prebiotic and probiotic.

A Plus Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical company in Kota Kinabalu. Borneo Kaki works closely with A Plus Pharmacy to bring quality and affordable pharma care to the community




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