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SwissMed Aie-X Whey Protein Chewable Tablet (800mg x 30 x 2)


Swissmed® AIE-X™ is a whey protein chewable tablet with digestive enzymes and probiotic. It contains 100mg Ai/E10®, a purified whey extract immune modulator derived from cow’s milk which boosts primary immune functions and supports immune cell communications.

Ai/E10 is produced using a proprietary and patented process to ensure the highest quality. It is derived from privately managed dairy herds infused with antigens shortly before parturition, utilizing a proprietary intra- mammary infusion technology (S.S. Patent 4,4902,938).

Ai/E10 is compised of immune active molecules including transfer factors, granulins, lactoferrin, catherlicidin, defensin, perforins, mini-cytokines, GM-CSF (granulocytle macrophage colony stimulating factor), granulysin, IPSF (immunoglobulin production stimulating factor), chemokines and many others

It is a one tablet a day immune support suitable for all ages. 30 chewable tablets per bottle.

Whey protein (100g Ai/E10), digestive enzyme (amylase, protease, cellulase , lipase , lactase ), bifidobacterium bifidus , lactose, detrose monohydrate, orange juice powder, cellulose, carrot power, sucralose

Recommended DOsage:
Swallow or chew ONE (1) tablet daily. It can be taken with food or mixed into a beverage.

A Plus Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical company in Kota Kinabalu. Borneo Kaki works closely with A Plus Pharmacy to bring quality and affordable pharma care to the community




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