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Bring the sunshine of SURIA to your dining table.

Our range of “Suria” products will bring joy to the dining table. While you can enjoy more Surimi in larger packs, each product is painstakingly made to ensure consistent quality and complete satisfaction in every bite.

About QL Foods Sdn Bhd

QL Foods Sdn. Bhd is the leading home-grown agro-based company in the country. Incorporated in 1994 as one of the subsidiaries of QL Resources Berhad, a multinational agro-food corporation with a market capitalization of over USD800 million, we have expanded dynamically and today we are proud to be the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Surimi and surimi-based products in the Asian region.

Choice Products

We only use Surimi content sourced from selected fresh marine fish. Together with our continuous R&D efforts, we are able to produce a wide selection of delicious products of the highest quality. Pick your choice from our chilled and frozen products under our brands of Mushroom, Suria and OceanRia or our dried snacks Ika’s.


Halal Practices and EU Standards

As a producer that manufactures and exports products to countries in different regions around the world, we enforce strict Halal and European (EU) Standards in our processes. Halal certification requires that our products and processes do not contain items or ingredients that are forbidden to Muslims by Islamic law, including the equipment and ingredients used in making the product. European Standards ensure that the product’s quality and safety meet required standards in order to be sold to European markets. We have been certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) while our products are of EU Standard and exported to Europe.


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