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Rappol Calming Wash and Shampoo (300ml)

Completely clearing fine dust and bodily waste!

Silicon, sulfate not added. 3 in 1 multi-cleanser for FACE, BODY and HAIR. It tends your skin into smooth and shiny skin without stimulation by the help of hypoallergenic sub-acidity formulas.



Free from noxious ingredient. Trustful prescription
-Paraben/steroid/mineral oil/alcohol/silicon oil/artificial pigment/artificial scent
-Hypoallergenic sub-acidity wash, sulfate not added prescription, natural surfactant included
-Skin soothing, moisturizing, antibacterial, relieve skin eruption,skin wall regeneration
-Strengthening skin autogeny by including natural vegetable herb and NMF(Natural moisturizing factor)
-No skin burning! Relaxing effect of lavender aroma therapy
-Can use single cleanser as shampoo, body cleanser and face cleanser
-Relieves itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, grants luster and smoothness
사용순서 -Product composed of natural ingredient that is usable for children and pregnant women





Healing ingredients of Nature Medics started from special approach and resulted in high degree completion.


Phytocera FormulaTM

Phytocera Formula for strengthening sensitive and tender skin

Ceramide, Phytospingosine, Cholesterol, Free fatty acid are optimally proportioned and core ingredient is similar with skin lipid.


Phytocalming ComplexTM

Phytocalming Complex for skin relaxation/moisturizing science relieve solution.

Complex ingredient consist of Centellaasiatica, Lactobacillus, organic berry, aroma herb etc. and differentiated product that helps skin immune system reinforcement.


NMF; Natural Moisturizing Factor

Outstanding elasticity maintenance and moisture containing ability.

Composed of amino acid, lactic acid, urea and etc. Vital ingredient for maintaining normal function of horny layer and engages in skin flexibility, elasticity maintenance. Also excellent in moisture containing.


Safe vegetable ingredient O.K. Noxious chemical ingredient NO

Noxious Chemical? NO!!

You can use it with an easy mind, since we safely made it with careful selection of ingredient, by regarding safe product as first priority value.



We tried every kinds of cosmetics and treatments that are good for two children’s skin, but they continued to suffer and status remained, hence we attempted to find cure by ourselves. With tears and sweat added, the experiment, which is composed of passion and patience of 10 years, finalized as a product with outstanding skin improvement ability.

We named Nature Medics by putting Latin maxim <A doctor cures, while the nature heals>  as our motto and created brand Rappol by putting identity to the word Rapport so that we can convey mental trust and communion.

Our brand, which flies to global world with wings of faith, is experimented to improve skin troubles of all ages. Since we can sympathize with customer’s pain through direct experience, we will make with more scientific approach mixed up with love and sincereness.


A Plus Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Kota Kinabalu. Borneo Kaki works closely with A Plus Pharmacy to bring quality and affordable pharma care to the community




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