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PMESB has started the operation of Ginger Factory in Tambunan District, Sabah since year 2008 and was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on the 29th March 2016. Currently, PMESB produces 2 types of ginger based products namely ginger powder and ginger with honey drink. PMESB has already acquired MeSTI Certificate from MOH and Halal Certificate from JAKIM. The company also just completed expansion for its new factory building and now in the process of getting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate from the Ministry of Health (MOH).


With recent development in globalisation and the opportunities that unfold, it has awaken the business interest of many including Bumiputera entrepreneurs. Through various government incentives provided for the private sector, entrepreneurs are further encouraged to take on business venture.

One of the rising Bumiputera entrepreneurs is Henry Charles, the owner of Pemborong Mangkab Enterprise (PME), a local company producing ginger-based products in Tambunan. Pemborong Mangkab Enterprise was first set-up as a sole proprietorship in 2004 and subsequently converted to partnership in 2006. Initially, it started with ginger cultivation before it embarked on ginger processing in December 2006. PME started with only 3 workers but now has 8 organised in three areas of production, marketing and administration.

PME produces 5 types of ginger-based products including ginger and honey mix herbal drink, ginger chilli sauce, candied crystallized ginger, sweet, salty and sour ginger stripes and ginger powder. Most of their products are sold locally within Malaysia but recently they have started supplying to Brunei. PME has participated in exhibition and trade promotions organised by the private and government sector such as MIHAS in Kuala Lumpur, MAHA in Serdang and SDSI in Melaka.

In terms of sales turnover, PME registered a significant increase of approximately 240% from RM12,000 in 2007 to RM41,000 in 2008. With sales figure reaching RM30,000 as of July 2009, PME sales turnover is expected to increase again this year. This is mainly attributed to their accomplishment in three main areas viz the Halal certification for their premise, proper packaging and labelling and intensive promotion of their products.

In terms of future expansion, it is PME’s vision to become the largest producer of quality ginger products in Malaysia fulfilling all the requirements of ISO certification, GMP, and HACCP and eventually attain export quality standard for all PME products.

Under the SDSI programme, ginger has been selected as the flagship product for Tambunan district. Being one of the key players, PME look forward to participate actively and effectively in the said SDSI programme.

Contact Information:

Entrepreneur: Mr. Hendry Charles
Company Name: Pemborong Mangkab Enterprise
Product: Honey Mix Herbal Drink, Candied Crystallized Ginger
Address: KM 77, Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan, Kampung Botung, P. O. Box 97, 89657 Tambunan, Sabah
H/P No: 013-8916588
Fax No: 088-774196

Prepared by: Lofina Justin – Department of Industrial Development & Research




Seven reasons to spice up your diet with ginger

  • calming nausea
  • improving digestion
  • reducing muscle pain
  • warming the body
  • preventing colon cancer
  • easing breathing
  • boosting libido



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