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Organic Aid Moisturising Cream (28g)

Is a unique blend of skin-compatible protein, Glycerin and Vitamin “E”, which enhances the skin’s elasticity, tones, and smoothes out fine wrinkles.

Organic Aid® Moisturizing Cream’s synergistic effect helps to:

  • Normalizes dry parched skin
  • Improve elasticity and keeps skin resilient
  • Provide a mild antioxidant
  • Retain the skin’s moisture balance
  • Protects skin from the drying effects of the environment

Organic Aid® Moisturizing Cream contains natural skin moisturizers and is ideal for people with sensitive or dry skin.



A Plus Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Kota Kinabalu. Borneo Kaki works closely with A Plus Pharmacy to bring quality and affordable pharma care to the community




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