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Nestlé® NESTUM® is a much-loved Malaysian brand providing delicious and nutritious multi-grain wholesome family cereals to Malaysian families for more than 50 years. NESTUM® provides a great selection of wholewheat, change to multi-grains, rice and corn and fortified with 13 vitamins and minerals for your well-being. We’ve perfected the art of encapsulating the aroma and taste in every NESTUM® flake. You can prepare it any way you want – as a drink or porridge. Add in fresh or dry fruits to make it more nutritious and exciting!



Each sachet of Nestlé® NESTUM® Grains & More is packed with these multi-grain goodness. Perfect for any time of day!

Ingredients: Wholemeal Wheat, Rice, Malt Extract (Contains Barley), Sugar, Corn Grits, Minerals, Salt, Vitamins, Maltodextrin. Contains Stabiliser As Permitted Food Container. Contains Permitted Flavouring (Vanillin). All additives are of synthetic origin. May contain traces of: Milk and Soya




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