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Nestle Omega Plus Acticol

Take control of your heart health with NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk. The perfect daily companion for anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle for a healthy heart. Your heart is in your hands.

On top of being High in Calcium, NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk contains Acticol®, a blend of plant sterols scientifically proven to help reduce the cholesterol level by blocking cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk with Acticol® and Omega 3:6 helps reduce your cholesterol while providing your daily calcium need for healthy bones.

NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk is very versatile since the powder dissolves in both warm and cold water. For a single serving, add 3 tablespoons (31g) into a glass of 200ml water. Drinking 2 glasses a day helps reduce your cholesterol level and manage your heart health. It can also be combined with cereals such as NESTLÉ NESTUM® or other beverages like MILO® or NESCAFÉ®.

Good lifestyle habits such as a balanced high fibre and low-fat diet combined with regular exercise are suggested alongside your 2 daily servings of NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk.

Once opened, store in a cool and dry place




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