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Munchy’s Crackers Wheat Cracker

The healthier alternative with wholesome goodness. It comes with a unique ‘8’ shape that perfectly fit your mouth & your mug. With convenient packaging, enjoy on the go snacking wherever you are & whenever you want!

Munchy’s Crackers

  • It’s easy. Just dip! Shaped and sized to perfectly fit your mug, no breaking, less crumbs, more fun!
  • Easy packs. It’s so convenient! Enjoy a pack wherever you are, whenever you want!

Moments with crackers have a special place in our lives, bringing us and our families warmly together every day during breakfast, tea or any time you need a munch. It is the ideal product for everyday snacking, and MUNCHY’S CRACKERS have made it easier than ever!

They are perfectly sized for a dip into a hot beverage and conveniently packaged for on-the-go snacking wherever you are, whenever you want. Pick up a pack and start dippin’!

How Munchy’s Got Started

It all started in 1991. A bunch of biscuit aficionados formulated their first successful crunch with a second-hand wafer stick machine in a small peaceful town of southern Malaysia.

In 1993, they finally shared their wonderful creations to the world with the birth of Munchy’s. 3 years later, a new wave of fun was unleashed with the launch of new products: MUZIC, MUNCHINI and LEXUS. These yummy trailblazers were mixed and baked in Munchy’s iconic factory in Batu Pahat.

New Path for Crunch Excellence

Soon enough, the word got out about Munchy’s delicious creations and it didn’t stop in Malaysia. To satisfy global demands of our signature crunch, Munchworld Marketing was set up in 1997 as Munchy’s arm and sole worldwide distributor.

We then began munching into new shores, with more than 50 countries making Munchy’s their go-to snack. Today, our globetrotting products speak for themselves as we munched our way to every nook and cranny of the world to delight tummies everywhere.

The Fun Never Stops

The fun never stops with Munchy’s as we find new ways to excite our ever-growing family. In 2017, we introduced 7DAYS Croissant to our already amazing line-up of yummy goodness. Made with rich dough and fillings, we now have the number 1 croissant in world, ready to satisfy your hunger in the most delicious way.

One successful munch after another, we at Munchy’s make it a point to spread our world of fun in everything we do. And together, we’re poised to take over the world, one yummy bite at a time!



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