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• Breakfast cereal with the delicious MILO® flavour

• With carbohydrates and fibre to provide your kids energy

• Best served with 125ml of full cream milk for one serving of 30g

• Contains approximately 3 servings • Store in a cool dry place. After opening, store in air-tight container to keep contents fresh

• Packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals

• Pack size: 80g per pack

• Halal certified

Let your kids stay active all throughout their days withthe delicious NESTLÉ® MILO® breakfast cereal! Made with the goodness of whole grains, it is the right breakfast for your kids as it will refuel their body, restore their energy and provide them with vitamins and minerals to make them feel great at home and in school.

To make their breakfast better, serve NESTLÉ® MILO® breakfast Cereal with a bowl of NESTLÉ® JUST MILK™ Full Cream Milk for the unmistakable MILO® flavour that your kids will definitely love. An irresistible combo that will kick start their morning the right way!


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