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How to Make Cacao (cocoa) Pudding

  • Pour the Majulah Cacao Pudding Powder into 1 litre water and heat over low heat, stirring frequently until it is diissolved. Continue cook the mixture until boil
  • Pour the mixture into mould
  • Leave aside to cool completely then put into fridge
  • Take out from the fridge and serve

Tips :

  • Flame must be turned off after boiling. Strong flame will cause the Pudding to become hard and rough

Cara memasak Cacao Pudding

  • Tuangkan Majulah Cacao Pudding Powder ke dalam 1 liter air dan panaskan dengan suhu yang rendah, kacau sehingga ia larut. Teruskan memasak campuran sehingga mendidih
  • Tuangkan campuran ke dalam acuan
  • Ketepikan hingga sejuk sepenuhnya dan masukkan ke dalam peti sejuk
  • Keluarkan Cacao Jelly dari peti sejuk dan hidangkan

Tip :

  • Padamkan api setelah mendidih. Api yang kuat akan menjadikan Pudding menjadi keras dan kasar


  • 把迈进可可布丁粉倒入1公升的水,用文火煮及不停的搅拌至溶解,继续煮至沸。
  • 倒入模型
  • 待可可布丁完全冷却再放入冰箱
  • 取出可可布丁享用


  • 水煮沸后,熄火后才可加入可可布丁粉。大火会使可可布丁变得粗糙


Ingredients : Sugar, carrageenan, cocoa powder and non-dairy creamer

Ramuan : Gula, carrageenan, serbuk koko dan krimer bukan tenusu.

成分 : 糖,麒麟菜粉,可可粉和非乳脂精


About Teck Guan Group

Teck Guan Group started as pioneer in the cultivation of cocoa, fermentation and the drying of cocoa beans in the country since the mid-1950s. Since 1975 the cocoa beans produced by our estates have been used as raw materials for our two cocoa grinding factories, namely Majulah Koko Tawau Sdn Bhd and Cocoa Paramount Sdn Bhd

About Majulah

Majulah Koko Tawau Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Teck Guan Perdana Berhad, a company listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Majulah processes cocoa beans from our own plantations at our state-of-the-art processing plant, reputedly one of the most efficient in Asia.

Majulah has been making, marketing and selling cocoa products for some 25 years to international buyers like Nestle and Novartis, makers of Milo and Ovaltine respectively under the widely recognised and respected Majulah brand.

Having highly qualified, well-motivated staff and technicians equipped with advanced technical expertise and skill in an asset to Majulah. Majulah is well placed to meet ever-growing demands from domestic and international buyers for products ranging from customised orders to standard products.

Majulah products range from the uniquely roasted high quality cocoa liquor, cocoa powder and its pure cocoa butter with a high melting point, attract big buyers worldwide. Nesltle, Novartis, Cadbury, M&M Mars, Gerkens and EDF & Man are among our biggest international buyers.

Majulah, a successful company cares deeply about its products, its employees and the community.

You can visit HOKO’s Facebook page here.


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BorneoKaki works closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry Sabah to encourage local entrepreneurs to venture online and prepare for the Industry Revolution 4.0.

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