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Maggi Instant Noodles, Mi Segera


?No chilli, no curry. MAGGI??Kari is exceptionally delicious because its seasoning is made using only real chillies, freshly picked to retain its rich spicy flavour and mouthwatering aroma.

?The key to cooking the perfect curry is using the right blend of spices. That?s why MAGGI??Kari uses 12 different types of spices, each carefully chosen to bring out the authentic taste and aroma of real curry. Star anise, cinnamon sticks and black pepper are among the spices used for MAGGI??Kari.

?The traditional way to cook curry is a long and elaborate process. This is because all the ingredients used need to be slowly cooked to perfection till the moisture evaporates and the oil floats to the top. This term is described as ?pecah minyak?. This method brings out the taste and aroma of an authentic curry.

?Each MAGGI??Kari comes with our signature springy noodles ? delightfully made and measured for good taste to give you satisfaction with every mouthful.




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