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For those 12 years and above

KOOLFEVER Adult absorbs and disperses heat effectively. It can be used immediately when any of your family members becomes feverish. The sheet is perfectly sized to fit an adult?s forehead and will not be displaced even if he or she turns in bed. The crisp and cool effect will last for about 8 hours per sheet.

Whole Night Cooling

How to apply.
Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel cooling surface to desired area (for example forehead/ neck/ underarm).

If necessary, cut KOOLFEVER to a suitable size with scissors.

For efficacy and hygiene, use KOOLFEVER only once

Other uses of KOOLFEVER
1. For sleepless nights/ sultry nights

2. For headache

3. For toothache

4. For sprains and bruises

5. For hot days

6. For flushed skin after sports




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