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Gone are the days where women would be contented as homemakers with limited application of their abilities and capabilities. Nowadays, the modern women are enterprising individuals who are prepared to be involved in a more engaging and challenging role. Heera Enterprise is one the Bumiputera companies successfully managed by a woman entrepreneur from Kg Klias, Beaufort. Noreen Anne, the sole proprietor of this company initiated a business in 2002 producing home-made traditional cookies that caters for the surrounding market.

Having endured numerous obstacles and with the assistance from various government bodies, Heera Enterprise is now operating at Kompleks Kilang SME Bank in Lok Kawi. The three main products produced by Heera Enterprise are ring crackers which is locally known as kuih cincin, savoury sweets or kuih lidah and banana crackers. In 2008, the total production of this company was 212,498 packets worth RM375,976.00 which comprise of 48% ring cookies, 45% savoury sweets and 7% banana crackers . The company’s total production registered an increase of 17% in 2009 generating sales of approximately RM400,000.

Since the company’s establishment, its marketing reach has expanded significantly to both the local and international market. In Sabah, its market encompasses retail outlets, supermarkets, kiosks and marketing agents.

In line with its effort to enhance quality of its products, Heera Enterprise has obtained its halal certification and is now moving towards accrediting its production facility to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) status as well as upgrading the packaging of its products. Assisted by a team of 20 workers, Heera Enterprise is positioning itself to become one of the sustainable producers of high quality traditional snacks in Sabah.

— article from DIDR Sabah

You can now purchase Heera’s Kuih Lidah and Kuih Cincin in all of the major supermarket chains in Sabah. This is made possible through the Shared Services Outsourcing (SSO) initiative which is a joint collaboration between the Government and Private Sector (Softwise Sdn. Bhd.).

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Contact person : Noreen Ann

Address : Lot.6, Kompleks Kilang SME, Lok Kawi Papar

Contact No. : 019-8627614

Email :

Facebook : Heera Snack

Website :

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