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Ejan Food Valley Sdn Bhd is formed since 2015. The company focuses in the manufacturing of food products like puffs, donuts and pies for retail sales and restaurants. The company is very active in promoting its business via the SME Malaysia scheme. Recently it also started its Food Truck which serves delicious puffs on the go.

The company organize courses for interested participants to learn about setting up food stalls or food trucks to sell frozen food. You could also learn about the manufacturing of frozen food from their chef.

Next time when you go to supermarkets, do drop by to the frozen food section to purchase Ejan Food products.

Ejan Food is a member of the Shared Services Outsourcing (SSO) scheme which is a Ministry of Industrial Development initiative to help SME expand their businesses. You could find out more about where you could purchase the SSO products by following us in our Facebook page or check out our Facebook Album “Retail Outlets of SSO Products”

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