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Eagle Brand Telon Oil (60ml)



Eagle Brand Telon Oil was awarded the BabyTalk + MamaPapa Reader’s Choice Award in 2015.

When to use?
It is specially formulated to provide the necessary needs to relieve your baby’s stomach pain and flatulence while also leaving their skin emollient, moisturised and warm.

Baby massage is about learning to communicate your love for your baby through touch. You do a particular stroke .. And she smiles at you … and you keep that forever. A great benefit of baby massage is the bonding.

Massaging is crucial for blood flow and growth development. Apply a few drops on your palm and massage your baby in the following areas;

Chest & tummy
Stroke from the centre to the side of the chest. Caress the abdomen moving your hands clockwise beginning below the ribs in a light circle manner. Walk your fingers across your baby’s tummy from the right to the left side. Then move downwards towards your baby’s left hip, to move gas towards the rectum. This will help to soothe your baby’s stomach discomfort.

Leg & foot massage
Hold one of the baby’s wrist and use the other hand to gently squeeze along the length of the arm, starting at the shoulder. Repeat several times until baby feels relaxed

Elevate your baby’s left leg and wrap your left hand around the thigh and slowly stroke towards the foot, switching hands when you reach the foot. To massage the feet, you can press the bottom of the foot gently from the heel to the toe, using your thumbs. Knead each individual toe and make small circles around the ankle.

Gently turn the baby onto the stomach. In one direction, apply deliberate and slow movements onto the baby’s neck, shoulders and back, using the fingertips to massage in a circular movement. Remember not to massage the spinal cord.


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