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Blooming Garden

Sweet roses smells giving a lovely and caring feeling to clothes. Unleash your attraction and confidents in every movement.

Daia Fabric Softener Bio Scent

Daia Softener is always great with its wide range of fragrance selection from Floral series to Fruity series, now it’s even better! Each of this series is now enriched with Bio Scent! The refined essence that captures the freshness and beautiful scent from nature, it leaves your laundry smelling wonderful like what you can experience with the real bloom of garden & the fresh air in the nature. You’ll get wonderful smelling experience like nature and fresh air close to you – all from your laundries that soften with Daia Fabric Softener Bio Scent!

This refined essence is micro capsule supplemented with freshness scent to make it refreshing. Its light micro fresh fragrant capsules is easily dissolve and infiltrate into fabric strands and leaving behind pleasant scent on each strand of your laundry fabric. Layer by layer, strand by strand, the fresh like nature floral or fruity scent will unleash slowly when you wear it. Great refreshing nature scent is always on you all day long.


Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd (497222-U) was established in Malaysia upon the strength of WINGS group, one of the best known corporations in Indonesia with several decades worth of experience in a wide range of household and food products.

Succeeded in understanding local consumer’s needs, Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd first product – Daia powder detergent, proved a hit to Malaysian consumers. Following the sounding first success, Mi Sedaap instant noodle along with others household and personal care products were introduced with ever-expanding network across Malaysia.

Today, many Gentle Supreme brands have become one of the most trusted brands among Malaysians. The brands recognition was celebrated through various awards obtained and it has become part of our daily lives in many Malaysian families!

With decade’s of presence in Malaysia, Gentle Supreme continues to embrace new consumer expectations by providing household and foods products of uncompromising quality that enriches Malaysian lives!



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