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CellLabs HBF Detox and Rejuvenate (15g x 20)



An All-Natural SOLUTION To Our Problems

CellLabs HBF is a completely NATURAL & ORGANIC blended mix of potent nutritious fruits and
vegetables. It enables our bodies to regain its natural functions through a more efficient way
of eliminating toxins from our bodies and better absorb nutrients for optimum inner health that
promotes outer beauty.


Benefits of CellLabs HBF

  • Cleanse mucous, congestion, fermentation, inflammation in the
    digestive tract
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Strengthen the body’s defences against cancer
  • Improve immune functions
  • Neutralise free radicals
  • Generate healthy cells
  • Helps to reduce weight and shape tummy
  • Helps to reduce the cravings for sugar, salt, alcohol, junk foods,
    nicotine, etc.

Find out what Functional Foods are NOW!

  • How fruits and vegetables prevent major diseases?
  • Can you ever take enough fruits and vegetables these days?
  • Is there a way to get all the required nutrients any other way?


We Can’t Just Rely On Regular Fruits and Vegetables Anymore ?

“The crucial role of fresh, functional plants in human nutrition is indisputable”

These days it’s hard to get any meal without the presence of damaging effects from trans-fatty acids,
saturated fats that clog up our arteries and bodily systems, and other various unhealthy foods and chemicals.

Some of our body’s main detoxification organs are the liver, colon, kidneys, skin, and blood. They help our body
to get rid of waste and toxins. However, they work best in a world less polluted than ours.

What do CellLabs HBF Phyto-Nutrients Do ?

Phyto-nutrients contain biodynamic disease-fighting elements that protect from strong ultraviolet
radiation (UV), oxidation, viruses, bacteria, disease and background radiation. Some plants like onions
emit potent sulphur compounds that act as natural bug repellents to keep the vegetables healthy and
thus pesticide-free, while carrots contain carotenes that protects them from destructive UV radiation from
the sun.

What happens without these necessary phyto-nutrients ?

Taking phyto-nutrients can help us to detoxify our bodies from adverse chemical and acids.
CellLabs Health and Beauty Functional Food (HBF) has an Active Enzyme High Fiber that breaks
down the toxins in the body and flushes them out of your system, protecting your bloodstream,
cells, skin, organs and immune system from chemical emissions, bacteria, pesticides, synthetic
chemicals, microbes, food additives, free radicals and carcinogens.


Phyto-nutrients like the ones in CellLabs HBF are needed to protect against killer diseases

According to recent excerpts from government press releases, only 3% of most population follow just
four out of five of the recommendations of the new food pyramid guidelines! It’s no wonder that even the
American Medical Association recently recommended that everyone should take supplements! They stated that
“the vitamins, minerals, fibre and, especially, the phyto-nutrients in fruits and vegetables appear to reduce the
risk of the progression of diseases.”


Do people really need to take phyto-nutrient supplements like CellLabs HBF ?

Not if they follow the nutritional guidelines, live healthy lifestyles in clean environments
and are in otherwise good health. But why take the chance? A phyto-nutrient supplement like
CellLabs HBF is the best viable alternative!


Direction to use CellLabs HBF

Mix 2 sachets (15g) with a glass (250ml) of water in a shaker container. Cover, shake to mix it well,
and drink it immediately. Take one glass per day before you sleep.

It is suggested you drink 6-8 glasses of water daily for CellLabs HBF functional food to work efficiently.

CellLabs HBF does not contain any corn, animal parts, artificial colours, synthetic chemicals and
preservatives, MSG, egg, cholesterol, yeast or added salt. There are no side effects in taking CellLabs HBF.

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