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bonco founder ronnie onginjan

(Borneo Post – Sabah 8th Oct 2014)

KOTA KINABALU: A virgin coconut oil producer from a forgotten village called Kampung Kimihang in Kudat is helping to revive the village through his business.

The production manager of Bonco Virgin Coconut Oil, Ronnie Onginjan told The Borneo Post yesterday that his village can no longer be found on the Sabah map.

“It has been forgotten and would probably have been left that way had it not been for the popularity it is now gaining as the place where virgin coconut oil is produced,” he said.

He thanked the numerous publicity he has received through articles published in various media, including The Borneo Post and attributed these promotional writeups as among the contributing factors that helped to revive his forgotten village.

Another contributing factor is his tireless effort of taking part in expositions organised by various bodies to promote local industries and local entrepreneurs, he said.

“It wasn’t something I planned when I started my virgin coconut oil production business. I wasn’t expecting visitors from places I have never heard of such as Lithuania and Tahiti coming to my village to see our production house,” he said. However, that doesn’t mean he was not pleased with the attention he and his village are now getting.

“We get weekly visitors from all over the world. And when MH370 disappeared, our business was also impacted as we saw a reduction in the number of tourists coming to visit us,” he said.

Many of the visitors who come to their factory made purchases and Ronnie is happy about it as they helped his home-based business to thrive and spread the popularity of his once forgotten village to the world.


bonco receiving awardsthe making of virgin coconut oilthe making of virgin coconut oilthe making of virgin coconut oil

the making of virgin coconut oil

the making of virgin coconut oil

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