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Betadine Antiseptic Solution (30ml)


Kills germs quickly to prevent infections in minor cuts, wounds, abrasions and burns.

Gentle on wounds.

Kills a wide range of germ with good skin tolerability.

Rapid and long-lasting protection

Continuous germ killing action against  a wide range of germs

Easy to know when to reapply

The golden brown colour of povidone-iodine is a natural non-staining indicator that fades when it is time to reapply.


What is an antiseptic and how does it differ from a disinfectant?

Both antiseptic and disinfectant prevent the growth of disease-causing micro- organisms. The main difference between the two is that disinfectants are usually used on inanimate object (e.g. tables, floors, chairs) and antiseptics are more suitable for human skin.

Antiseptics are used as a treatment to cleanse cuts, scratches, burns, grazes or other minor injuries where the skin is broken, or as a preventive measure before piercing the skin (e.g. an injection). For this very reason, BETADINE® has a wide range of antiseptic formats for your different needs.


How does BETADINE® prevent wound infection?

Unlike most antiseptics, BETADINE® use a povidone-iodine solution to quickly kill the germs that cause wound infections14BETADINE® antiseptic is relatively free of irritation or stinging, making it easier to use on your kids, in comparison with other alcohol antiseptics for wounds. Individual response varies.

What are the advantages of BETADINE® antiseptics vs. other antiseptics?

BETADINE® antiseptics provide germ-killing action, good skin tolerability


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