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Balung Aren Syrup (Arenga Pinnata)

Balung Aren Syrup (Arenga Pinnata) is a natural sweetener made from the sap of the Nira tree branch. The syrup can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar in food and beverages, while also being used as a food enhancer. It is believed to be able to relieve sore throats and colds, the same way that honey does. Balung Arenga Pinnata Syrup provides an exotic taste, unique aroma and it is made 100% pure without any additives or preservatives.

Arenga Pinnata has been grown organically in Balung Plantation for the past 15 years, these rich, beautiful trees require a long time to mature and we are currently one of the leading planters in the world.

Contact person : Ms. Nonny

Address : North Wing, 4th Floor, Wisma Sabah, P.O.Box 11577, 88000 KK.

Contact No. : 012-790 3333 / 016-846 2003

Email : Balung Tea

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