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Bataras Bundusan : Here We Come !

Bataras Hypermarket at Jalan Bundusan, Penampang will be having a year end promotion of Sabah-made products on 30th and 31st December 2017.

We would like to thank both the management of Bataras and the Department of Industrial Development and Research (DiDR) for inviting us to showcase our local SME products.

Our SSO team together with the local SME participants will be at Bataras Bundusan for the next two days. Please drop by to support us ! We will keep you updated with the activities.


Meanwhile, you can now purchase our local Sabah products on two dedicated racks in Bataras Bundusan. Among the featured products are: Sabah Cocoa, Aramai Lemongrass drink, Jus Bambangan, Santiqi snacks and many more.


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